How To Tune

Whether you're tuning a guitar, ukulele, or violin, our tuner is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Grant Permission for Microphone Access

When you first visit our website, your browser will ask for permission to access your device's microphone. Make sure to click "Allow" to enable real-time tuning. This will prepare your device for note detection.

Step 2: Pluck a String

Pluck any string on your guitar, ukulele, or violin. The tuner will automatically recognize the note being played.

Step 3: Tune Your Instrument

You'll see the detected note displayed on the screen along with a frequency analysis. Follow the indicators to tighten or loosen the string until it's perfectly tuned.

Step 4: Repeat for All Strings

Repeat the process for each string until your entire instrument is tuned.

Additional Features

Our tuner also provides advanced features such as visualizing the cents difference for fine-tuning and an option to see the detected note's frequency in Hz.


If you're facing any issues, ensure that you have granted microphone access and that your instrument is close to the microphone for accurate detection.

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